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A little rant about “slurs” against white people:

I have no problem with using white “slurs” that have been created by, and are primarily used by, POC, to highlight power differences. The word that comes to mind first is “cracker,” because it literally means “slave driver, the one who holds the whip.” I wouldn’t even call it a slur because I see slurs as having institutional power behind them. Addressing white people as a whole isn’t a problem to me.

What concerns me is when people (especially white hipsters) decide to use words with classist and xenophobic connotations. We shouldn’t be embracing slurs that ONLY target the most vulnerable members of a group, even if that group is white people. This is a reminder that if we’re going to be intersectional, we must acknowledge that oppressions intersect, including class oppression against poor people. Redneck, hillbilly, and hick are terms that have always been related to class; “inbred” people in the South are frequently decendents of indentured servants and the poorest white people in the US. These slurs were created by more well-off white people to dehumanise poorly educated, poor white people.

Slurs against specific white nationalities/ethnicities are also problematic. In the US, slurs against Italian, Irish, and Jewish people were born out of xenophobia against poor immigrants looking for a better life, whose labour was frequently used past the breaking point. These slurs were once again created by more well-off white people. Slurs against Jews, even white Jews, are huge problem given the amount of genocidal hatred that still exists against us. I can’t go anywhere on the Internet without somebody telling me that Jews control the world and should be exterminated. When I leave my sheltered home in New Zealand, I see this hatred in real life. The Holocaust was so recent that there are people alive today who remember being in concentration camps. Jews are still regularly targets for violence around the world (I’m not talking about Israel; that’s a different issue entirely).

I would love to see more slurs specifically targetting wealthy white people, white people who refuse to acknowledge privilege, and referring specifically to White Surpemacy historically and today; as opposed to ones that only target marginalised white people.

so let me get this straight:





y’all bleed outta your vaginas

once a month, your panties look like a fucking murder scene


and yet you just go about your daily business like


people with vaginas are fucking badass.

people with vaginas 

what are they called again?

They’re called people with vaginas because not everyone with a vagina is a woman.

whoop there it is

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"bout to ding dong ditch sam pepper"

good to see that this guy is trying to catch the progressive positive attention wave by making fun of sam pepper, just like how he talked shit about nash grier when it was a hot topic

except oops, looks like someone doesn’t actually give a shit and just tries to play his audience like a fiddle

isn’t that awkward, looks like he just rang the doorbell of his own house by mistake

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